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13 Feb

Data Mining and Machine Learning Algorithms 1723 Words Critical Writing Example

Examine two algorithms used for concept induction, version space search and ID3. The search spaces encountered in learning tend to be extremely large, even by the standards of search-based problem solving. These complexity problems are exacerbated by the problem of choosing among the different generalizations supported by the training data. What is symbol based learning […]

8 Feb

Cognitive computing for Media and Entertainment automation

With access to harmonized data, the process to create and train models is accelerated. A platform must also make these models available to any open development environment. Data management and analytics solutions are focused on aggregating and displaying information. AI and machine learning tools are focused on operationalizing the data science process. Enterprise automation initiatives […]

17 Jan

Image Recognition with Deep Learning and Neural Networks

What you should know is that an image recognition software app will most probably use a combination of supervised and unsupervised algorithms. Based on the characteristics of Mask R-CNN [25] transfer learning, only the above-mentioned 100 CT slice images containing lesion information were employed, with 80 used for training and 20 used for testing. The […]