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22 Jul

The Stages of Addiction Recovery & How to Support Someone Experiencing It

Content Stage 2: Initial Use Stages of Treatment Stages of Alcoholism The Middle Alcoholic Stage Stage #2: Loss of Control When it is necessary to point out contradictions in clients’ statements and interpretations of reality, such confrontations should be well-timed, specific, and indisputably true. For example, author Wojciech Falkowski had a client whose medical records […]

23 Sep

A Goodbye Letter To My Addiction

Content Writing a Goodbye Letter to Addiction: Why It’s Important & How to Begin Live Out Your Best Future Write several versions. My Final Letter to Addiction You never know when today will be the last day. While that’s a stark fact, it’s also one we all must live with. Spend at least part of […]

30 Jul

Top 5 Gratitude List in Recovery What are you grateful for in recovery by American Addiction Centers

Content Living Well as a Neurodivergent Person Gratitude List (214 things I am grateful for) Where would I be if I wasn’t clean and sober? How Gratitude Lists Help Alcohol Addiction Recovery Ready, Set, Work It! How to Work the 12-Steps for the First Time Inspirational Quotes About Gratitude We must practice new behaviors and new […]

30 Mar

How To Taper Off Alcohol

Content Tapering Off to Sobriety: How Much Cutback is Too Much Too Soon? Self-Care Alternative – Medically Monitored Detox Finding An Alcohol Rehab Long-Term Alcohol Use and Tapering That way, you can rest assured that your vitals are being monitored and you are taking the necessary steps to achieve a full recovery with very minor, […]

30 Jan

‎Sober Grid Social Network on the App Store

Content Social support groups help to reduce the stigma against substance abuse. Support groups can provide hope Clinical Director Know What You’re Looking For the Addiction and Recovery Industries. is an online directory and community site for individuals seeking treatment information for alcoholism and substance abuse. FlexDek is an adaptable platform that accommodates mobile […]